Corporate Events

At NewsMuseum your event will breathe modernity and originality through the most technically advanced platforms of intelligent and interactive entertainment. Here, any company history gains narrative relevance, however old and familiar it has become to its employees and clients.

Thanks to the skills developed during the NewsMuseum creation, today we have the most sophisticated offer of contents and high technology experiences in Portugal.

Considering the event nature, we personalize every content, create stories and provide a custom made experience. An unforgettable journey.

Press conferences, meetings, team building events, meetings, congresses, seminars, product launches and other events, challenge us with your idea, and we turn your corporate event into a media adventure powered by NewsMuseum.



In the NewsTV our visitors can be television reporters for a few minutes.

The images, which will define the location of the live report, and the script, for the telepoint, is always based on the theme of the event. The videos can be published in a private playlist for future screening.


An interactive quiz of multiple choice, with the presentation of Manuela Moura Guedes.

The 5 multiple choice questions can be adapted to any theme and the game played by all participants of the event.

Pirâmide de Babel
Pyramid of Babel

The Pyramid of Babel is visible on every floor of the NewsMuseum and is covered with 70 television screens broadcasting 24 hours a day.

These 70 screens can reproduce breaking news, thought out and written about the theme of the event. The NewsMuseum team takes care of producing the content for this purpose.


The room where the great Duels of the recent history meet, can be customized with texts and videos through the topic in discussion.

Compare products, retell the story of your company with good images and historic footage, teach your employees how to argument. At NewsMuseum technology has no limit.

Via di Propaganda
Via di Propaganda

In the secret corner of NewsMuseum, Propaganda is seen through its history, the propagandists and antagonists.

Here, it is possible to post posters, but not only, the imagination has no limits in NewsMuseum. Challenge us with the theme of your event and be amazed!


In the Lounge, visitors are invited to embark on a 100-year journey of media episodes through a 360-degree projection. This fascinating giant "tablet" can be "yours".

The NewsMuseum team is responsible for producing the scripts, editing and displaying the content. At NewsMuseum you can make the news!

Rádio ao Comando
Radio in Command

Visitors are transported to a radio booth where it is possible to recall some of the most striking moments in Radio history in Portugal and in the world.

For corporate events, we write a tailor made guide to be told at the radio. The videos produced will be published in a private playlist made for the occasion.


Through this app, visitors are invited to build their first page, answering correctly questions about journalism.

The 5 challenges can be adapted to the themes of the event, which will result in a newspaper dedicated entirely to the subject.

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