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The Front Page of Your Life

Remember an important day in history and in your life since December 29, 1864 to the present day.

Choose the edition of the Diário de Notícias, Jornal de Notícias and O Jogo and see those moments.

The first page is a perfect gift to celebrate a birthday or another important event in history.

Coordinated by Pedro Correia, is an encyclopaedic compendium of generations of journalistic terminology. Approximately 14 people collaborated in the design of this "multigenerational" dictionary.

Mug "I love the smell of newsprint in the morning"

Price: €4

Is a retrospective of Luis Paixão Martins' career, mentor of the NewsMuseum, radialist in the 70's, journalist in the 80's, and Communication consultant for about 30 years. This book presents a unique behind the scenes view of the world of the Media and Communication.

A Ascensão Mediática de Vale e Azevedo

Vale e Azevedo is now a public figure of the Portuguese society, has even become famous, a celebrity. Lawyer, businessman, ceased to be an anonymous name in 1996, gained popularity in 1997 and became president of Benfica. First he lost the elections, then won them, and to this end is no stranger to a communication strategy in which he has demonstrated to dominate the media agenda. In this study, an answer is then sought for the original question: How did Vale e Azevedo construct an identity that made him a compulsory protagonist in the Portuguese sports newspapers?

As Aventuras de Tintin

Author: Hergé

Book publisher: ASA

Price: €9,90